First of all, thank you for being here and taking a look.

Second – I am a sharpener myself – and a computer geek who loves making websites for other Sharpeners.

We like to tinker and improve systems, right?

That’s what I do – I always continue to find tools and systems that make us better – both online and in the shop.

I have worked with many different hosting companies, website themes, plugins, code programming and eCommerce platforms – in order to make my business better.

SO – why hire me? Why not?

If you are looking for a Web Solution and need something more robust than Square (Weebly) websites or what Google My Business is offering, give me a call.

I’ve got some cool themes I am working with and you will have access to when you purchase a plan with me.

I have been working on some cool Booking Apps that provide integration with your Google Calendar and allow you to properly schedule out your day – to stay busy and not get overbooked.

I continue to improve with each and every website design and project.

Again, thank you for being here – I look forward to helping you find a solution soon!


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