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How to authenticate a domain with GoDaddy

Follow this guide only if you already have an active domain with GoDaddy. Once you have authenticated your domain by following the steps in this guide, you must leave it registered with GoDaddy to keep it authenticated to your MailerLite account.

Step 1 – Add domain in your account

The first thing you’ll need to do is to add your domain in MailerLite account. Click on the dropdown located on the very top right of your MailerLite account, and go to Domains.

From there, you’ll want to click Add Domain and add email address with the domain you want to authenticate. You will get confirmation email to verify your email address. but do not worry about it. Proceed with authentication and your email address will be verified automatically.

Your next step is to press Authenticate button to get DomainKeys and SenderID records that you will need later on.

You now see the DKIM and SPF records. Keep this page open for later.

Step 2 – Access your DNS Zone File

Go to GoDaddy and log into your account. Navigate to My Domains.

Select the domain you would like to authenticate and click on Manage DNS.

You are now in your DNS zone management.

Step 3 – Add the DKIM

Copy the DKIM records from your MailerLite account.

Go to your DNS Zone File in your GoDaddy account and click on Add

  1. Select TXT from the Type drop-down.
  2. In the Host box, copy and paste ml._domainkey
  3. In the TXT Value box, copy the code that appears directly after TXT Value
  4. Click Save.

Step 4 – SPF

Copy the SPF records from your MailerLite account.

Click Add in your DNS zone management page.

  1. Select TXT from the Type drop-down.
  2. In the Host box, enter “@.
  3. In the TXT value box, enter “v=spf1 a mx ?all”.
  4. Click Save.

Step 5

After changing your records, return to the DNS records in your MailerLite account and click Check DNS below the records.

If the records are entered correctly, your domain will be authenticated within a few hours. At times, it can take from 24 up to 48 hours.

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