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How to Set Up a Business Profile on Instagram

How to Set Up a Business Profile on Instagram Benjamin Chacon @benjaminchacs January 30, 2018 Wondering how to switch to a business profile on Instagram? Maybe it’s the lure of running Instagram ads or the ability to add links to Instagram Stories? Whatever your reason, making the switch to an Instagram business profile is super […]

12 Effective Ways To Generate Valuable Leads for Your Small Business

Whether you manufacture a niche product or run a B2B business, consistently finding new buyers is crucial for the future of your business. Finding and implementing the right lead generation strategy plays a key role in the success of your organization. Are you struggling to attract new customers? Is your conversion rate not up to […]

Why Building an Email List is so Important Today (6 Reasons)

Last updated on January 21st, 2021 by Editorial Staff Are you considering building an email list, but have some doubts about why it is needed? Many bloggers and business owners don’t realize the importance of building an email list when they’re first starting out. However most people usually change their mind when they see the impact email lists […]

Building an Email List to Get Recurring Leads

Offering Coupons and Giveaways in Your Emails Coupons are a great way to solidify your appointments. You can have specials on if a client books today, they will get a discount. By solidifying appointments, you can efficiently increase your home visits. 48% increase per email sent when it contains a coupon 65% of consumers regularly plan what […]

Connecting with Local Influencers

Local Influencers Bring a Lot of Attention to Your Brand Image Source Influencers can be a great boost for your business. Consider connecting with nano influencers. They are looking to connect with other influencers and build their influence. They can get a lot of engagement with their audience. 54% of social media users will use social media to […] for All Your Booking Needs

Image Source is a premium platform for all of your booking needs. They will help you schedule your home visits and integrate with different technology to increase the number of home visits. Best Features for Online Booking: Management System – Nurture and Check on All Your Clients Accepting Online Bookings 24/7 No Double Bookings […]

Where Can Sharpeners Find Clients for Their Business?

Image Source Social media, referrals, and repeat business are the most effective ways to generate business. Getting an appointment is the best way to increase your efficiency. You can rely on your appointments to schedule your days and travel time. You can block out specific times for lead generation activities and other business affairs. Get […]